Router AMG1202, cannot see router admin at

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I know, its an old router, but I need to access router config and refused to play over wifi (that's the gateway address so I assume that's the router IP.)
Perhaps I need to connect via ethernet?  (didn't have an ethernet cable with me at the time; will try again on Wednesday.)

Question2. The reason I want to look at the router is that it's refusing to give an IP adress to a Canon wifi printer.  Printer can see the SSID, authentication is set to WPA2-PSK but all the addresses are blank (this on Canon network confiuration page);

Question3.  Cannot activate WPS on the router.  When I press the WPS button (it looks like a key on the front of the AMG1202, I cannot get it to flash the WPS light, no matter how long I press the key for).  I haven't tried a router restart (unlikely to make any difference I would have thought?) but the router was in use at the time.... Will try again on Wednesday.  Cheers.


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