Exibel WRE6505 V2, Problems on MAC setup

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When setting up this repeater on MAC the correct web adress is http://zyxelsetup.local.
The user guide that was in the box has not the the ".local" in the sheet...

Furthermore - after writing the correct and excisting password of both 2,4GHZ and 5GHZ wifi in the house 10-20 times i gave up the setup with my Macbook.
Tried setup with an old XP laptop - the same password was accepted - and I was up and running in 2 minutes.

Anyone else had problems regarding zyxelsetup not accepting correct wifi password when setup of the repeater with MAC ?



  • lodiabai
    lodiabai Posts: 120  Ally Member
    That is weird as only MacOS not working.
    What is your MacOS version?
    Have you tried to upgrade the device to latest version?

  • Jethronom
    I have the same problem. Please help.

    I have upgraded the device. Nothing helps.

    The device is piece of garbage. My network works totally fine when I plug it out. I use this on extender mode.

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