lte7460 drops connection to router when in bridge mode

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Hello everybody, my LTE7460 wich runs in bridge mode keeps, dropping the connection to my router every 2 hours, when the ip lease time is renewed, i tried disabling ipv6 but there is no change, does anybody have an advice for this?


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  • YeK
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    Hi thomas87dk,

    When the IP lease time is renewed, is the IP address also changed on the router connecting to the LTE7460’s LAN?

    Following above question, if the IP is also changed and the router becomes disconnected, disconnect and re-connect the cable between the router and the LTE7460 and evaluate the results.

  • thomas87dk
    thomas87dk Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    the ip is not changed on the lte7460, it only happens in bridge mode.. when disconnecting and re-connecting the cable all connects fine again

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