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I'm connected to SSH and wanted to install a few apps such as "htop,nano,maybe a webserver?" but i can't seem to find packages tried to update it and it seems to be that OPKG tries to obtain packages from openwrt... But this archive doesn't exist anymore.

So what do i have to do to obtain packages again?

I have noticed a lot of ping spiking all over the place. I have a 400/40 cable line which will be upgraded between this / next year to 1000/1000 cable.
But right now i just want to get rid of the terrible ping spikes to different servers around the globe/national servers.

I also have noticed that the bufferbloat on this device is INSANELY high.
Although when a download/upload speed test is running i see nothing happening in TOP/status page.
The cpu usage is very minimal? is there hardware not or something?
Even with streamboost set to my network speed which according to streamboost is: 40up/400down I still do have bufferbloat a LOT! how do i fix this?


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    Hi JayJax,

    Why do you want to install a few apps on NBG6817? What is the purpose?

    About "the terrible ping spikes to different servers around the globe/national servers.", can you share your test stpes, test tools, test results and screenshots? It will help to know what kind problem you encountered.
  • JayJax
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    Because i want to add my own layer of security to MY router, as the security on the router is pretty weak.

    About the terrible results:

    This one made just now: http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/37828674
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    Are these result tested with LAN device?
    As far as I know, it will relate source (client) and destination (server) hop count. If you disabled streamboost, have any improvement?
    May I know except ping problem, do you encountered what kind of problem during usage?
  • JayJax
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    I7 8700K 4.8Ghz - 16GB Ram 3400Mhz - Asus Maximus X Apex - M.2/SSD
    Cat6 cable from router to 5Gb/s port on the motherboard.
    Cat6 cable network through the whole house. We don't have much wifi devices.

    Ping inconsistent to many places.
    Gaming latency issue with ping going up/down a lot with high spikes.
    Loading of website is very slow like there is massive load on the network while only 1 device is connected where this device doesn't even use 30Mbit of the 400Mbit download.
    Loading of streams youtube/twitch/mixer buffering issues.
    Loading of videos any website buffering issues.
    Not the mention the insanely terrible bufferbloat i get on this router with results previous post.

    I have called the provider too see if the problem is with the modem or the cable.
    They claim there are zero issues with the cable/modem < which is correct and tested.
    The provider wifi/modem just is better for some reason then this router but very limited router functions.

    Tested with streamboost enable/disabled there is no difference between both of them. NO it is not based on my provider as the wifi/modem ( Connectbox Compal ) has zero issues where this router does have issues for some magical reason.
  • Dash
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    It's strange. My Armor Z2 doesn't see this situation.
    What is the firmware version of your Armor Z2?
    When you test with DSLreports, does wired client connect to Armor Z2 directly?
    Have you test Armor Z2 as AP mode?
  • JayJax
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    Latest firmware C8
    I'm always wired directly
    I can't test it in AP mode as the modem is in bridgemode.
  • August
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    I also have problems with my Armor Z2.
    Constant friezes. It is not possible to watch videos and download files.
    But all this only with gigabit connection to the Internet.
    If you connect it to 4 wires - everything works perfectly
  • Hanamichi
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    Hello August,

    So, your problem is using wireless client device, it is not possible to watch videos and download files? If you're using wired client device, it is working fine. Am I right?

    If yes, please share below information to clarify this problem.
    ☆ What is your network topology?
    ☆ Is wireless client device connected to 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
    ☆ What kind of wireless client device? mobile phone or laptop or ...?
    ☆ What kind of video you watched? IPTV or YouTube or video from NAS or ...
    ☆ What is the distance between wireless client device and your Armor Z2 when you watch videos and download files?
    ☆ Is there more clear description can provide/reference?

  • August
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    No. All major devices are connected by wire.
    The problem is observed on all devices and does not depend on the type of connection.
    Network topology:
    Gigabit Internet provider, ARMOR Z2, 3COM Gigabit Switch 16 port, network  RJ45 outlets
    Armor when connecting (WAN) a gigabit Internet, stops working normally. Constant freezing and there is no possibility to download files, on all devices - SMART TV, PC, XBOX, SONY PS, etc. Twitch hangs on minimum settings every few seconds, Netflix exactly the same picture. Even the file firmware from Armor Z2 from the site Zyxel can not be downloaded - download starts and gradually fades.
    Exceptions - Speedtest shows the maximum speed. with Youtube you can watch video in 4K, torrents are downloaded at maximum speed.
    If you replace the gigabit wire with 2 pairs instead of 4 - everything works. Replacing Armor with the old Trendnet gigabit router - everything works perfectly.

  • Hanamichi
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    So, do you mean:
    If you used 4 core network to connect Armor Z2 WAN port, everything works perfectly.
    But used 8 core network cable to connect Armor Z2 WAN port, the problem will occur?

    May I know what is the current firmware of your Armor Z2?

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