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I have a Zycel AMG1302-T10A router, which I obtained in 2013.  Recently, I decided to change the passwords.  If I type into my address bar, all I get is a list of sites, It does not go direct to the interface leading to the configuration.  I checked on the Zycel site and my router model number is not listed among those available.  Neither is it found, if I type the model number in manually.  I am guessing that this is now a model which is obsolete and unsupported and that I need a new router.  Would this be correct, please?


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    Hi JWS,

    This is phase out model in 2016 so that’s why you cannot get this information from our website. I suggest you can clean browser cookies or factory reset device to check if it recovers or not.

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  • JWS
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    Many thanks for that.  Reset worked like magic.  JWS.
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