NBG-419N as wireless bridge connected to Sky router

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Hello Everybody,

I have a NBG-419N which I'm trying to use as a wireless bridge. Unfortunately my ADSL router (Sky internet) does not support bridge mode, so I ended up using WISP mode. This allows the wired clients behind the NBG-419N to access the internet, but due to the router function in WISP mode this is a one-way street. I can't get the wireless clients on the Sky router to connect to these wired clients.

I experimented with the configuration, changed the subnet mask to, tried to set both DHCP servers to different ranges on the same subnet, switched off the firewall and NAT, but so far all I managed was to break the internet connection for the wired clients.

Is it at all possible to connect the two subnets in the way I'm looking for?



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  • Penny
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    Hi Butta,
    When wireless client is connected to ADSL router and wired client is connect to NBG419N with WISP mode, they cannot communicate each other.
    Because they are existed in the different network.
    # Internet---ADSL Router)))<WLAN>(((Wireless Client
    # Internet)))<WLAN>(((NBG419N (WISP Mode)---[Ethernet Cable]---Wired Client

    May I know why do you want to use WISP mode?
    Is it able to use AP mode in your environment?
    * Internet---ADSL Router---[Ethernet Cable]---NBG419N (AP Mode)
    In this topology, when wireless client is connected to ADSL router and wired client is connect NBG419N (AP mode), they can communicate each other.
  • Butta
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    Hi Penny,

    I agree that your suggestion makes sense, however, an Ethernet cable between the two routers is the very thing I'm trying to avoid. A set of Powerline adapters would be possible as well, but I would like to solve the problem with the equipment I have already.

    I tried AP mode before, but so far I couldn’t get a connection to the WLAN from my ADSL router. I took this as a sign that the NBG-419N expects to be connected via a wired connection.

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