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So I installed this Zyxel Wireless AC/N VDSL2 VMG3625-T20A router by a client yesterday, first time with one of these routers as we normally use Mikrotik ( wich I prefer due to security settings preventing hackers). But after installing this router of yours my client contacts me and says she can not use whatsapp, facebook or play mobile games on her phone. But she can go into her app store and also still stream netflix. Is there perhaps a wifi setting or something on this router I have to change to enable this for her? I have never come across this before with any other router in my life. I have disabled the IPV6 settings on the wifi but to no avail. So if anybody has a idea on how I can fix this issue I would be very thankful.


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  • Victoria Becker
    I had the same problem before, I had to delete WhatsApp, Facebook, apps and games, then I reloaded them at and there were no more problems.
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    Something similar happened to me with WhatsApp on my Android device. I tried hard to find a solution to this problem but I couldn't fix the official WhatsApp issue but when I used this OGWhatsApp my problem Resolved but because it is a mod version of the official WhatsApp so I stopped using it.
  • chinmayk918
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  • ghdsports2020
    Very helpful and I was able to solve my issue. Do keep posting more, please!

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  • metcalfe
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    thank you so much for sharing this guide because I am able to install this social media Whatsapp Plus on my android I really like to read it. Thanks again
  • Gloria Bennett
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    Whatsapp social media is extremely good you can use, to download and install today
  • SteveMitchell
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    I restart my router and still having the same issue
  • gbwhatapps
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    Very Beatiful Information Thanks Bro 
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    I would keep using the official versions on the Google Play Store for safety.

    If they stop working through a router, then it could be a firewall setting.
        - they work fine through my Zyxel VMG1312-B10D at home when the firewall is set to Medium setting.

    Kind regards,
  • Nobita
    i was having the same issue. Anyone heard about Clash of Clans game? Whenever i tried to play it, my network lost and game restarts. While i can play YouTube videos with no net prob. i still don't know what's the prob. So any valid response will be helpful...don't come with other apps suggestions like kinemaster mod, GBwhatsapp etc. Please tell us a clear solution.

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