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Recently upgraded to Telus 150. Despite assurances from Telus that the Actiontec T3200M could be Bridged - it can't - still running NAT and serving private IPs via DHCP. Customer service says they no longer provide bridge-capable devices to home accounts.

I acquired the Zxcel VMG4325-B10A VDSL2 router.

At first nothing I did would sync both circuits or connect to internet. After matching the IGMP settings from the Telus router I now have DSL1 working in bridge mode without NAT or DHCP. My own router can now pull the IP address directly from ISP.

Downside is I am not getting full speed without the 2nd circuit. I know the ISP has RFC 1483 via DHCP which is a bridging mode. Unsure if Zyxel has this, or if there is something else needed to get 2nd DSL circuit up and running.



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    Corrco Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hmmm. Things just got interesting. According to the T3200M gui the bridge port is #1. This should indicate that it will not have services running - NAT DHCP etc on that port once in bridge mode. IT appears to work opposite. That port is still serving DHCP. I am pulling a public IP through port 4 now. No need to swap if this stays working.

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