How to update powerline PLA-4205 (ethernet adapter) and PLA-4225 4-port gigabit switch) system?

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I have a PLA-4205 ethernet adapter plugged into wall power and with my router plugged into it.  In the rest of my house I have four PLA4225 switches plugged into house power with ethernet cables coming out plugged into various devices.  I need to upgrade this system, and one of my PLA4225 switches was getting warm.  The new Powerline hardware switches are somewhat different.  Any ideas? 


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  • Mihawk
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    Hi, I think is not possible to upgrade, since Zyxel didnot release any firmware and upgarde tool.
    If you would like to find any other way, then you can search its chip: Atheros AR7400, but not sure those tool can be 100% workable.

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