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Valentin Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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I have an old Zyxel modem (P-660RU-Tx series) and the instruction guide says to key in "admin" as username and "1234" as default password. I tried that but cannot. Has the default password changed? How to I access Please help. Thanks.


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  • Valentin
    Valentin Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I tried to get direct support from Zyxel but nobody answered.
  • Corrco
    Corrco Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hello Valentin. Firstly from the device you are using to try and connect to your Zyxel router can you ping What IP address does your device show you are assigned?
    AAAAL Posts: 125  Ally Member

    Hi Valentin,

    What’s your firmware version? Have you lost your admin password or just cannot find your default gateway in the router?

    How about trying this: open the computer command window -> input “ipconfig” -> find the default gateway IP address to look is that or other -> ping the gateway IP address -> will we get the reply packet or not?

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