Port forwarding issues AMG1312-T10B

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I own an AMG1312-T10B router provided by my ISP. First, I succeeded port forwarding from 443 (external) to 8321 (internal) ports to 192.168.1.X, then, when I try to set a new rule, port forwarding from 3218 (external) to 3218 (internal) to the same IP (192.168.1.X) the page freezes with the login icon and then I lose access to the router, I've tried using a different port also. I don't know why this happens, I am following a tutorial in which they do the same configuration in another router and it works. 
Appreciate some help



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    Hi agusfrnndz,

    What’s the firmware version in your AMG1312-T10B?

    Could you share is there any error message from your side in setting the second port forwarding rule?

    Is that mean you can only create one port forwarding rule for one LAN side IP address?

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