VMG8823-B port forwarding on 4g connection

dm82 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
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Hi everyone,
I have a problem with port port forwarding. I set up some rules in port forwarding menu with fiber connection and it works correctly. I have also set up a 4g connection for failover with a usb router and when the fiber line is down it activates the secondary 4g line but port forwarding's rules don't work.
I set up the same rules in line named vdsl (fiber) and wwan (i think wwan stands for wireless wan).
Someone has the same problem?



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    AAAAL Posts: 125  Ally Member

    Hi dm82,

    May I know how can you confirm that the port forwarding rule wasn’t working?

    Have you checked with your service provider the 4G connection is used the public IP address?

    Maybe you can share us the test steps for the port forwarding rule? Thank you!

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