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VMG8823-B50B, firmware V5.13(ABEJ.4)C0

How to setup QoS?

Suppose there are 2 users.

User A watches Netflix (via ethernet), hogging most bandwidth; user B uses an old application which consumes very little bandwidth (ie. Diablo 2, via wireless), but lags a lot when user A is streaming a movie.

How can I setup QoS in order to give priority to user B, keeping a minimum bandwidth reserved, without impacting user A?

I tried this:


New Queue

Name D2, interface = WAN, Priority = 1(Highest), Weight = 8, Buffer management = Drop Tail (DT), Rate Limit 500 kbps.

Classification setup:

Class name = "D2", Classification order 1, From interface <Wireless Network Name>, Ether type = IP (0x0800), Source = user B MAC address, Destination = user B MAC address (same as source), Service = Diablo II, To queue index = D2.

Is this good, or am I missing something?


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    Hi NeAl,

    The VMG8823 QoS is designed for the uplink priority.

    User A is doing the downstream for watching movie, the main root cause is the downlink bandwidth occupied leading the network delay.

    Your new queue is for the upstream queue and it has the same source/destination IP. So, I think this setting may not help in the surrounding.

    Please understand, the current VMG does not support to reserve a min up/down bandwidth for the special user.

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    Hi AAAAL,
    thank you for your reply.

    If QoS (on this device) is designed only for uplink priority, then it's usefulness is quite limited :(

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