Google Home Mini WiFi connection issues.

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Hello :)
i have a VMG8324-B10A with firmware 1.00(AAKL.14)C0 ( i got from my ISP website )
since about a month i have a google home mini device.
at setup it worked fine and everything went smooth.
but after a few days it started losing connection to my router.
after resetting both devices i finally got it to see my wifi again and got it connected again.
during the day no issues, everything went fine.
next morning the wifi connection is gone .... again...
trying to setup again, but the wifi isn't listed in the available networks.
this routine is driving me crazy since.
I have contacted google about this issue, but since my country (Netherlands) isn't yet supported, all i got was a list with recommended settings. I checked this settings and seems fine to me as it stands.
This issue is only with the google home device, all my other devices have zero issues with wifi connection.

so i'm kinda lost what to do now.
any suggestions ?


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