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Has anyone actually managed to use the USB connection on NBG6515 to share a printer?

I tried with many different configurations of the Windows printing standard TCP/IP port (both Raw and LPR etc.) and the result was practically always the same. When I try printing the result is always the same: The USB-light on the  router starts blinking like crazy and Windows displays a message that says there was an error in printing and nothing comes out of the printer. Well, actually the very first time I tried it everyting worked pretty much the same (error message and all), but the printer started printing the testpage on repeat and I had to shut it down.

I tried it with Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. The printer is HP Laserjet 1018.

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    My NBG6515 firmware is V1.00(AAXS.5)C0.
    I think NBG6515 maybe incompatible HP Laserjet 1018.

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    What is the firmware version of NBG6515?
    Can you share your topology? Or any detail information?

    I'm using HP LaserJet Pro P1102w and it's working properly.
    You can download your printer driver from HP:

    Below are my steps and configuration for your reference.

                    ---<LAN>---PC(Windows 7)

    Steps and configuration:
    1. Please make sure the USB LED is light.

    2. To prepare the printer driver first, then open "Devices and Printers" and click "Add a printer".

    3. Select "Add a local printer".

    4. Select "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "Next".

    5. Type information on "Hostname or IP address" (NBG6515 IP address), "Port name" (Any name) and click "Next".

    6. Waiting for the detection finish.

    7. Select "Settings…".

    8. Check the settings.

    9. Waiting for the detection finish.

    10.  Select "Have Disk…" and chose printer driver to install.

    11. Setup printer successfully and click "Finish".

    12. On the printer, select "Printer properties" via click right button of mouse.

    13. Try to "Print Test Page" to check.

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    My network topology for is exactly the same for the Windows 8.1 machine. It is connected to the NBG6515 with an ethernet cable and everything else is working properly. Windows 7 machine is connected through WLAN. The printer is connected to the USB-port of the NBG6515.

    My setup procedure for the printer I used is exactly as you describe except I used the default the port name (the IP) as I'm used to that in my work (on a server with several printers it's usually best ID for the port). I will try naming the port NBG6515 when I get back home, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't make any differnece as it's just a name for us humans to identify it on the workstation.

    For drivers I used the OS builtin ones on the Win 8.1 and downloaded the drivers from HP for the Win 7.

    The firmware of the NBG6515 is V1.00(AAXS.5)C0. It seems to be the latest and it is what it was suplied with.

    I also tried attatching USB-thumbdrive to the USB and sharing that to the network with SMB. That works so the USB connetor is not totally broken. The printer also works if I connect it straight to the computers with an USB-cable.

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    Well... I tried it with these instructions. I'm now on the Windows 8.1 machine so I used the built in drivers. (HP does not offer drivers for Win 8.1 on their page since it's already built in to the OS.) Other than that I did everything like instructed and the result is still the same: Windows gives an error message and the USB-light on the router starts flashing like crazy. Actually the test page stays on the windows printer queue and flashes a bit too.

    Either the NBG6515 I have is broken or it is just incompatible with my printer. Another possibility is that I have changed some setting on the NBG6515 that causes this. I'm pretty sure the settings I have touched should not brake the printing functionality, but as the zyxel manual has very little info on the printing thing, it is very hard to say. Maybe I will back up my settings some day and reset it to factory defaults and try it like that.

    After that I might just try another brand router.

    But hey... Thanks for your config guide and answering my original question: Has anyone actually managed to use the USB connection on NBG6515 to share a printer? You did!

    Oh... One more question: What firmware version do you have?

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    Even the firmware versions match. I'm starting to suspect it's incompatible with the printer too. Kind of sad as the printer is probably quite common even if it's quite old. And the later models 1020 and 1022 probably have the same problem as they are pretty much the same (they use the same driver).

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