ZyXEL NBG460N falls into hibernation mode

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Good day.

Today I bought myself a new router, reflash with new firmware (360AMX8C0) and after a while I ran into such a problem as router down into sleep mode.At the same time, on the tab “Maintenance”> “Tools”> “Green” was completely disabled.The router falls asleep for the length of time specified by the Sleep Time parameter, then wakes up and monitors port activity for the time specified by the Idle Time parameter. Then everything is cyclically repeated. Connection to the router is possible only during idle time, arbitrarily wake him up will not succeed. When forced to turn the situation has not changed. I wanted to set the maximum timeout for automatically disabling the fall in sleep mode, but there the maximum value is 200 minutes, which does not suit me (3.5 hours). Can you please tell me how to completely disable the fall of ZyXEL NBG460N to sleep mode? Perhaps you need to reflash the old firmware (on site only A8), if so, where to get it? I would be grateful for any help.

With the best regards, Witov.


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  • Penny
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    From your screenshot, I saw you have enabled "Green" feature.
    If you don't want to NBG460N into sleep mode, do you try to disable it?

  • Witov
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    Yes of course. But after a while, when there are no active network connections (~ 20-30 minutes), the router goes into idle time or sleep and the connection to the router is lost. You need to restart the router and then the connection is active again. In Google search on other forums i found the same problems with this router. Most people write need replace old software “x.xx(BFL.x)”. But on the official site there is only the latest software (360AMX8C0), which is installed on my router. I don't have and couldn't find old software that could eliminate this problem.
    With the best regards, Witov.

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