LTE3302 Failure

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Hello, I recently installed an LTE3302 to be able to have connectivity in a place away from the city,
everything works fine, but at 3 or 4 days the router is blocked and no possibility of resetting to remote.
It's a big problem for me, I have to do 100km to get to the site and turn the router off and on again.
This router does not have a ping reset or any other mechanism to automatically reboot in case of failure.
Any solution? The firmware of this equipment is quite simple. I am very disappointed with the purchase.

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    Hi Enric,

    I suppose the reason was because the LTE3302 did not successfully reconnect to the LTE network after a disconnection.

    Under such circumstances, unfortunately the only solution at the moment is to reboot the unit on site.

    However, few measures might be able to mitigate the outcome of a disconnection:


    1. Enable “Network Monitoring” (Configuration > Network > WAN > Management WAN).

    The feature is by default disabled.

    You may enable the feature, which can actively make the router aware of a disconnection and then start a reconnection.

    Please enable the feature, and specify the target host you’d like to check in order to confirm the connectivity.

    In the following example, the LTE3302 would send ICMP packets to the IP address “” based on the specified interval.

    (You may specify the other IP address, but the accessibility of that IP address should be highly reliable.)

    2. Choose either “internal” or “external” antenna based on the current physical configuration (Configuration > Network > WAN > Management WAN).

    The configuration is by default “Auto”.

    If you connect a pair of external antennas, please make sure to connect them tightly and select “external”.

    Otherwise, please configure as “internal”.

    It is to avoid that the auto antenna selection may select the antenna at one time, but in general the selection may not be ideal because most of time the signal is better/worse.

  • Enric
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    Thank you very much for your help, the problem is that the router is blocked
    completely, dead, can not be accessed via http, Wifi does not work either.
    There is only one option; Disconnect from the power and restart again.
    I have built a USB power board with a reset circuit every 24 hours
    It is the only reliable solution.

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