Zyxel VMG8324-B10A router too slow on Wifi

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I live in the Netherlands and changed my ISP to online.nl and they gave me this modem/router Zyxel VMG8324-B10A

The contract says 100Mb/s, and indeed when I connect with LAN cable I get that speed. Though when I connect with Wifi, I cannot have more than 20 Mb/s. I have already checked all the Wifi channels, and chose the one with less noise. I tried different 802 protocols and nothing. I already checked with other devices connected to Wifi and same issue. The router is very close to laptops (around 2 meters), and I tried to put it side-by-side and same issue, so distance is not an issue

LAN gives me 100Mb/s and Wifi just 20Mb/s. What might it be?


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    Hi jfolpf,

    May I have your VMG8324-B10A firmware version?

    Have you tested wireless throughput on all your devices? What’s your laptop wifi properties and how many routers used 2.4g in your environment?

    We cannot expect the wireless throughput has the same as physical cable because some factors may affect the result. E.g. clients antennas amount & behavior, air noise, path loss …

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