LTE3302-M432 Battery

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Hi !
I just bought one of theese


And it does not come with a battery, and I would very much like to get one for it.
However I can't seem to find any information on what kind of battery i need other than these 3.

Removable lithium-ion polymer battery
3.8V, 2800 mAh
Up to 4 hours operating time (depends on network environment)

Any one knows where I can find a battery for this model ?

Regards Cedde.



  • mwjancey
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    Had a discussion with eu-support in september 2018 but the price was so steep (approx. €60+freight cost i think) that I opt'ed for a solar/usb 8000mAh battery instead for half the price.
  • Indy75012
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    Seems to be now even more impossible to find ! Does anybody had a recent search for this N

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