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I already did some research on connecting USB-device to my router (Zyxel NBG6515). I have my USB formatted to NTFS as suggested here (picture below, sorry about the language setting).

I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the Samba server settings on the router. Picture below shows my routers Samba settings. Is there anything else I should change in the settings?

As I try to go to \\ with Windows 10 file explorer gives this network error saying "Windows can't use \\ Check spelling. The problem could also be in the network...". It gives the option to do automatic troubleshoot which have never solved anyone's problems (picture below).


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  • Hanamichi
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    Hi Larsson,

    You need to enable SMB 1.0 feature on your Windows 10.

  • Larsson
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    Well I tried that without any success. I double checked everything and am more assured this is a Windows problem. Any other ideas?
  • Hill
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    So, you have enabled SMB 1.0, but it still does not work?
    Please try to open "Command Prompt" on your Windows 10, and then type "net use * /delete" to clear cache.

    If it is still the same, may I know do you use LAN or WLAN to connect NBG6515?
    Is possible to share your steps or more information.

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