VMG8924-B10A WiFi button problem

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I have a VMG8924-B10A on Plusnet fibre and had a power surge or something which wiped my VDSL PPP password to get a connection. I re input my password and voila I was back online. Problem I have now is that I don't normally use Wi-Fi so have it turned off but if it is needed I turn it on via the button on the side of the router. This no longer works and I have to log in to the router as admin and turn it on in there. Any ideas?



    AAAAL Posts: 125  Ally Member

    Hi tudno,

    What’s your firmware version? Could you sure the LED flicker states when you push the WiFi button?

    In general case, you can see the WiFi 2.4G LDE turns green after press the WiFi button for 1 second, then the wireless network is active.

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