How to get to login page of my router through my Android phone

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Help please. .......


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    Hi LORDFURYjww,

    Can you share your ZYXEL product model name and firmware version?
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    Can you please share your Router details eg: Brand & model number
    If you don't share then also I can help you through
    most of the routers have their admin login homepage to this link

    make sure you are connected to wifi while you try this admin login link.
    then it will ask you for username & password
    you can find the default username: password in the manual of the router or on the box of the router and also on the router itself.
    If you couldn't find the username and password then you can search for the default username and password of your router (follow this article for that How to Put a Password on Wifi)

    After login, you can my any changes to your wifi like changing SSID or password.

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    I have followed these Steps to enter Login Panel.
    • Type in any of your Browser Address bar. (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE).
    • If the IP is Not Working, then 19216811 is not your Default Router IP Address.
    • Once you found the Correct IP Address, Enter the Same IP Address into your Browser Address Bar.
    • Next, a Pop-up Box appears asking you to Enter Router Username and Password.
    • Then, Put down the Login details in the Web-Interface and you will be given Admin Access Immediately.
    • Done, You have Successfully logged in to Admin Page
    Follow this procedure to login to IP Address. I have the found the Following Steps working. For more, see Login Quick Setup Guide

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