ZyXEL NBG6515 IPv6 WLAN performance

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I have 6rd tunnelin on Linux server on the network, now the IPv6 traffic on the WLAN (WiFI) interface of the NBG6515 is incredibly slow. Around 3-4 kilobytes/s.

Short background:

1. There's no problem, if I'm using alternate WiFi (bridge) access point connected directly to the ZyXEL usin ethernet.

2. All other devices work perfectly on ethernet with IPv6.

3. Even the same end devices on alternate access point (same network) or ethernet work perfectly using IPv6.

4. Link Local (IPv6) and public IPv6 address traffic does work without problems to devices on LAN from WLAN.

5. This is just to make clear, that the problem is NOT my 6rd encapsulation, forwarding of firewalls.

Problematic network route:

1. IPv6 end device on WLAN (tablet, phone, laptop)

2. ZyXEL WLAN access point (IPv6 link-local) -> Ethernet port (switch)

3. Linux server on ethernet port, doing 6rd (6in4) encapsulation

4. ZyXEL Ethernet port (IPv4, via NAT) -> WAN

Route 1-4 is reversed for return traffic. And if, 1 and 2 are connected using ethernet, instead of WLAN, there's no problem. Or if I use alternate WLAN AP on ZyXELs ethernet port.

Assumed problem scenarios:

1. Packet routes from WLAN cause some kind of internal collision on ZyXEL causing packet loss.

2. ZyXEL processes the traffic as broadcast traffic for some strange reason, and rate limits it.

Only thing I still think I could test, is replicating the same packet flow using IPv4 alone. Where traffic is just bounced by the Linux server. It would tell me if the internal collision scenario is potentially true.

Any pro-tips? AFAIK, this is something I can't really solve without ZyXEL support. Another obvious solution would be just replacing the router with something better.

Some more background in my blog.


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