EMG3425-Q10A latest firmware?

TNzyxel Posts: 1
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My current FW is 

Following the instructions in the manual, when I go to Expert Mode > Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade there is no button for Check for Latest Firmware Now. The only buttons I have are Choose File and Upload. 

Where can I get the bin for the latest FW?

Thank you.


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  • Scott
    Scott Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Did you get your answer? I need the newest firmware, too. Same model.
  • LadyMaMa
    LadyMaMa Posts: 11  Freshman Member
    @TNzyxel @Scott
    I was contact Zyxl US support for the FW already, they told me the model not support online FW check but I forgot the reason.
    Maybe you might also contact the team for the latest FW.

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