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I have some trouble with my devices.
I use 793H router as Server with 2line 2wire mode and co/nfigure it according to manual: in Remote Node Setup: 11.1 - line 1 VPI/VCI 0/33, in 11-2 - line 2 VPI/VCI 8/35.
Next I use 792H v2 as Client - connect it to line 1 and VPI/VCI is set to 0/33
And  782R as another Client - connect it to line 2 and VPI/VCI 8/35.
One client(792Hv2) and Server is accessible to each other, but other client(782R) do not ping nothing.

I tryed to set VPI-VCI in all devices to 0/33, but it not help ......

Please help me

Thank you.


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    Hi  Alexander

    782R is a very old model, and it seems only capable with another 782R for end to end application.
    The same to P-79xH v2 series.
    In your case, does the line link can be established successfully between the server and 782R?
    Or the link is up but can't ping?   
  • Alexandr
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    Thank you for your response.
    All DSL line is up(even between 793H and 782R.
    1 pair Client-Server working fine(transparent).
    Today I change my devices:
    1. I try to replace 792Hv2 to 793Hv2. 1.5 hour try to change it settings, but nothing. 
    2. I replace 793Hv2 to 793H and totaly I have two 793H, and one 782R on my table.
    One time it seems to me I have made my task. But some minutes later 782R do not resnonsed for ping. I not understand what happen. Pair of 793H Client and Server working fine.
    Tomorrow I try reset to default setting and at first start to configure pair 793H+782R.

    I didn`t found any information about working in pairs various version of 782H, 791H, 792H and 793H.

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