Port Forwarding on Zyxel AMG1302-T11C

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I've been trying for months to open port 110 but all to no avail. I've added exceptions to both my pc firewall and the routers firewall, I've tried turning both firewalls off entirely, and I've tried this with numerous ports with none of them working, I've tried preset ports the router has and even those have yet to work. On canyouseeme.org all ports end up timing out. Any help is appreciated 



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    Hi ImTehCookie,

    Do you want the router be able to transfer WAN side port 110 traffic to PC? If so, you may need to check NAT > port forwarding function not firewall. Firewall function use to limit traffic pass through or not, for traffic route please mostly we use NAT related function. Could you please let me know what usage you need?

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    I have port forwarded but I think I left that out in my main comment, I've portforwarded through NAT > port forwarding multiple times and yet no luck. I have even tried using different computers and laptops just to test and see if my computer was the problem but nothing seemed to work.

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