Anyone using Zyxel Nebula?

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Hi all,

Getting a demo of the new (ish) Zyxel Nebula platform shortly and was wondering if any of the fine folks here have trialled or are using it?

Looks to be around the same price point as Ubiquity kit but importantly for me the firewalls have full UTM where the edge routers from unify do not.

Appreciate the thoughts and time as always :)



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    @guddduidharaah, I have a few nebula APs and a gateway setup in my office.
    It is really a good piece of equipment, for my office setup everything works like a charm, they actually have a forum for nebula if you are interested.

    Nebula has a nice intuitive interface, I really think it's worth a try for those who want to try migrate from home products to enterprise level product. It's not complicated at all compared to other well known brands, you'll see what I mean if you tried demos from the other brands.

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    My experience with it went quite well, I got an NSG50 in my house, the support guys at zyxel help me out alot to configure to the way I want since I'm not so familiar with it at first. Hope they didn't find me annoying cuz I asked so much questions :p .
    Anyways, really liked their reporting feature and the way it shows the demographs and such. 
  • I would agree the stuff can be confusing, but I think a large part is learning curve. I remember the first time I looked at SoncWALL and thought what in the heck is this crap? Just a different way of doing things. ZyXEL is similarly laid out, object based. I like the zxel BWM/QoS way of doing things.

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