Need help with Port Forwarding (EMG2306-R10A)

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I'm trying to open a port to an IP Camera on my wireless LAN.

The router has been configured to assign to my camera based on its MAC address.

I am able to access the camera web server on

The port mapping is configured as follows:
  • Name: Sharx
  • Protocol: TCP_UDP
  • WAN Interface: WAN
  • Port: 7175
  • Translation Port: 80
  • Server IP Address:

When I attempt to access the camera from the Internet using the IP address assigned from my ISP to my router at port 7175, there is no response (no HTTP response).  The user manual says I additionally have to setup a firewall rule to allow for any port forwarding.

What should the rule be? I want any source IP to be able to access the camera.

The router is model EMG2306-R10A, and it was provided by the ISP.  Strangely, the router's web application doesn't show labels for many of the fields on the various configuration screens.  I tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  I can't find any firmware updates for this model either.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!


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  • LadyMaMa
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    Could you check the rule? You might switch to allow the firewall rule. The default is deny.

  • robojeff
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    Checking the "Enable Firewall Rule" and setting the option to "Allow" does not solve the problem. 

    Here are screenshots for the NAT setup (note: Many of the field labels don't display for unknown reasons - tried using Safari/Chrome/Firefox on my Mac):

    And here are the Firewall configuration screenshots:

    Adding this rule doesn't allow me to access the camera at from outside the internet via my routers IP address on port 7175 (
  • LadyMaMa
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    The display problem I met before, and it was issue told by ISP. You might need to request your ISP for new firmware. 

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