Zyxel LTE3311 router disconnects from the internet

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I have had a problem for a long time now when I am regularly disconnected from the internet. 
It happens sometimes seemingly at random. If it happens then wifi nor internet with a cable does not work.
But mostly it happens if nobody is using internet for almost a day. For example if I used internet in the evening (about 23:00) and the next day used it again after a full workday (about 18:00) then the router will most likely be disconnected from the internet. If someone used wifi during the day then it  should be connected. Sometimes it happens even while someone is using the internet.
When it is disconnected I just have to restart my router and internet is back again.
So I hope this makes some sense. 

I have a Zyxel LTE3311 router with firmware V1.00(ABDE.4)C0. I am forcing it to connect only to LTE 1800Mhz, because other band around here is impossibly slow.
I have tried resetting the router. I am not very familiar with internet technologies and router settings so if someone has any suggestions on what to do or try could you please guide me through it or at least refer on where to look.
Is there maybe some setting in the router that can make my router to behave this way? Or it can be a faulty device? Or maybe connection with ISP?



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    Hi Denis,

    May I know your ISP name or where you get your device?

    You mention “I am forcing it to connect only to LTE 1800Mhz, because other band around here is impossibly slow”, I think you can ask your ISP for clarify this. I know some ISP have their equipment to detect network status and then confirm if it’s related to environment issue or not.

  • Denis
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    I am in Estonia and my ISP is Elisa Eesti AS. 
    I got my router actually from Telia Eesti AS, but I changed ISP since then, but kept this router, because I could fix internet frequency to 1800 Mhz with it. Only other band we have at our house is 800 Mhz and its is too slow to use.
    Elisa itself uses and sells mostly Huawei routers.

    So you think I should try asking my ISP about this?
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    Hi Denis,

    Do you have same situation when using Telia network?  Your LTE5366 has customized fw for Telia, so I cannot say it complies with Elisa network also. Anyway, you can contact with your ISP to clarify this.  

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