LTE5366 change wan operation mode

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Guys, it's stupid...  I take your device to work on 3g/lte networks in order to get Internet, in places where there is no wired Internet. For backup connection via WAN-2, I can't have one. It turns out that such a feature is absolutely useless...  But the script using the main wired Internet via WAN-2 (for example PPPoE) and backup LTE sounds much more useful. I assume that the hardware this device will be able to run such a script, and the problem can be solved by updating the web interface of the device.  I would really like to see this feature in the firmware update.



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    Hi stek69,

    After internal discussion, we have no plan to change current design for LTE5366. But we will consider your suggestion on developing devices. Sorry to cause this inconvenience.  

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