Armor z2 and the zyxel photo app

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I have zyxel armor z2 device. I would like to upload the photo from my android mobile to the usb pendrive via zyxel photo app. The problem is the app tells you that "No USB Found" and "Please insert a USB stick into wireless router". I have tried several pendrives. (4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB)

What could be the problem?


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    What is your USB drive file system? (FAT32/NTFS/...)
    Does your USB drive has LED? When plug USB drive into Z2 USB port, does it light?

    My Z2 firmware is V1.00(ABCS.9)C0 and USB drive (FAT32, 4GB) works properly.

  • ZeGa
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    The problem was that there are two routers in my home network. I had to configure the routers. Thank you for your help.

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