Connect to Wireless network using WRE2205: Invalid password

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The WRE2205 is connected to my PC.
I am trying to connect to my Android Hotspot in the Zyxel Setup. The Zyxel finds my hotspot with a strong signal but won't accept the password. I've changed the password on my Android with no success.

I've reseted the WRE2205 with no results. When I'm trying to update the firmware (V1.00(AAES.3)C0.bin), I get a "Invalid file format" message.

Any suggestions?



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    Already login? You can update firmware, so I asume you can login web page.
    Is your device WRE2205 or WRE2205 v2?
    They use different firmware name, maybe you download the wrong firwamre from WRE2205 and your device is "WRE2205 v2"
    Try this:

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