Unable to configure Zyxel VMG1312-B30A with Vodafone DE firmware because port 80 is not available

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Hi all!

I've purchased a ZYXEL VMG1312-B30A labeled "VMG1312-B30A für Vodafone DE" on the package and a label "Firmware VF_100AATOM0_20170215" on ebay.

Obviously that firmware does not allow access via web interface, nor is the router accessible via IP Instead it gets the IP via DHCP (checked via my main router and arp -a). 

Nmap reveals the following open ports, 53, 263, 22022, 30005 und 44401, where I was able to establish a connection via ssh on port 22022, but could not authenticate via the default username/passwort admin and 1234.

I've done a factory reset which did not change anything on that behavior.

Does anyone know such a branded VMG1312-B30A could be accessed from outside or better knows how to update the firmware to a standard official version?

Any help would be great!

Kind regards



  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi level420,

    It’s customized request for Vodafone DE so that’s why you cannot access to GUI. And I am sorry that I cannot help you to change to a generic firmwave version. Can you please help to let me know what configuration you would like to do via GUI?

  • level420
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    Hi Zyxel_Support_CPR,

    what I'm trying to achieve is to update the firmware to a non Vodafone version, which then would allow me to set the router to bridge mode and configre the VDSL profile needed for German Telekom.

    I already own a VMG1312-B30A with standard firmware and the new one should be a hot swap replacement.

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