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What is the square foot wifi coverage with the EMG3425-Q10A? 


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    In my home, the older smart phone which only has 2.4G and it could connect to EMG3425 around 15 feet with good internet access. But different environment will get different result.
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    Can I use my own hardware instead of the Ting equipment?

    Chris Bulbulian

    December 13, 2018 08:50

    What equipment does Ting provide?

    Our hardware is two separate pieces: a fiber modem (technical name Optical Network Terminal or ONT) paired with an 802.11ac Gigabit router, specifically the "ZyXEL EMG3425-Q10A".

    You will always receive the ONT in either case (at no additional cost) as it is a necessary piece of equipment. The decision of whether to attach our wireless router to the ONT -- or your own -- is what will be covered here.


    How It Works

    Our ZyXEL router is designed for residential use and typically works well in most homes up to about 2500 sq ft, although this is a rough guideline and depends on building materials and router placement. That being said, we provide an option called Bring Your Own Router ("BYOR") that is available to both residential and business customers.

    For residential addresses, this gives you the option to deploy more powerful routers with external antennas, high-end mesh kits, or a router you may already own. For commercial addresses, you may be better served with a business/enterprise solution such as a SMB firewall.

    If you select the BYOR option, we will supply you with the ONT (borrowed from Ting for free) and you would run an Ethernet cable from that to your wireless router -- a standard Cat5e cable is fine if it will be a short run. If over 25 ft, we'd recommend using Cat6 or better.

    If you choose to go down the BYOR path, you should be aware of the limitations that creates for our customer service team. Our technical support will not have visibility to any routers attached to our network, and as such cannot troubleshoot issues related to customer-supplied equipment. We will not be able to assist with setting up BYOR hardware, and we will be able to confirm if the service is working up to the ONT only.

    • This literature is the information I was looking for, if a device is limited to 15ft on 2.4ghz. frequency Maybe time to upgrade the device and not the router..... B) 
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    You might contact Ting to check can you swap EMG3425 to other AP, due to not sure if Ting block its service when recognize unknow device. 

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