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Was changing to a more secure username/pw and was interrupted.  Lost the new ones that were saved.  IF I use the reset button on the router could I lose my credentials/settings to my ISP (  I don't want to do that.  Just get back to admin/1234.  


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    As I know, the router normally has customized default configuration if it came from an ISP.
    So, I think you should still has the ISP default setting after you press reset button.
    But I still suggest you double checked with consolidated if these is a consolidated default configuration on your router.

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    I just reset my router, and the new password I had set up did not go back to the original password that is printed on the side of the router. 
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    how long did you press the reset button?
    It needs to press the reset button more than 10 seconds to reset the router to default setting. 
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    As I read You want to ask that, change more secure username/password  is a problem or not/
    So I must say your more secure username/ password is never your problem. You have to just turn off your router for some time then check your new username/password working or not. Because the same thing happen to me last Sunday and this was rectified via doing this
    Hope this will help you

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