[NEBULA] Simple setup for small offices needing RADIUS server with WiFi AP's.

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What equipment is needed or recommended? We are IT consultants, MSP's and would like to roll something out to all of our clients.

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    I would recommend the NAP102. It's a great device in terms of performance, even performing good on my environments which are not so small.
    You can also use the built-in cloud radius server that Nebula offers, don't need to install or maintain any server on the local network.
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    Hi @Stonepondtech

    All you need is the NAP if your clients already have a LAN network deployed. Our AP supports RADIUS login so shouldn't be much needed as long as your AP routing to RADIUS server is available.

    But if you don't want to implement a RADIUS server, for small offices I would recommend just use Nebula cloud authentication , we can host 802.1x authentication over cloud so it would be ideal for a simple deployment.
    Here's a screenshot of the RADIUS configuration, it's simple as that.

    The full solution is Nebula gateway + Nebula switch + Nebula APs, if you are going for a totally new deployment (small office environment, around 10-30 employees ) , all it takes is one set and you're good to go. Note that the number of AP depends on the area of the site, some may need a few more to cover all the blind spots.

    You can try out the configurations at the offical demo site , find it in this page.


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