RJ-11 light is ORANGE for VDSL when supposed to be GREEN

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I have a Zyxel VMG8924-B10A with the latest firmware (Jan19), I wondered why all my lights are green except the RJ-11  (DSL cable) light which is ORANGE.

I checked the Manual and it says the colour coding is as follows:-

GREEN = VDSL connection is live on the unit
ORANGE = ADSL connection is live on the unit

as I have a VDSL connection then my light should be green...

any ideas why its not?



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    Hi 1bit,

    How do you know it's sync up with VDSL? Can you please check DSL status on GUI (System Monitor > xDSL Statistics)?

  • john
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    I've used the VMG8924-B10A for over 2 years on VDSL2 profile 17a and the DSL light has always been orange.

    Same goes for a couple dozen users on another forum I use who own this device.

    Exact same with the VMG1312-B10A.
    All the lights are green except the DSL light which is orange.

    I thought that was the expected behaviour. The manual might be wrong.

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