AMG1302-T11C firmware V3.00(ABCG.12)T0 - which update?

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I have this modem / firmware from the Post Office broadband ISP in UK. I cannot see version T0 anywhere on your site or documentation. I see you now have a May 2018 firmware 3.00(ABCG.13)C0. Can I update to this version? I have been having intermittent very slow (0.2 Mbps and slower) speeds. The ADSL line speeds are good. Thanks.


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    Hi IslandBoy,

    Your firmware version V3.00(ABCG.12)T0 is customized firmware from your service provider(the Post Office broadband ISP in UK). The generic firmware 3.00(ABCG.13)C0 may not be suitable for you, please connect to your service provider for firmware upgrade request.

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