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Hi all, I'm looking to improve my service a bit and hoping setting up QOS will help. Any advice and direction is appreciated. 
1st, I want to prioritize AT&T wifi calling and other VOIP services. This doc explains the settings but I don't know how to implement.
2nd, I'd like to limit per device usage, perhaps to 50% of bandwidth, assuming others are on and need bandwidth as well. Is this possible on the VMG4825?


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    Hi there

    For your 1st Q, I also checked the page of AT&T wifi calling, but it seems that you should have no problem to use AT&T wifi calling. VMG4825 seems not any limitations of using AT&T wifi calling.
    IPSec pass-throug, certain ports, MTU and FQDN are all OK on VMG4825.
    Did you meet any problem on AT&T wifi calling setup?
    For the 2nd Q, VMG4825 supports the bandwidth limitation for per interfaces or SSID, but doesn't support to limit per device usage.
    For your reference.

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