ZyXel VMG3926-B10A Parental Control endless loading

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I am using the ZyXel Model VMG3926-B10A and have encountered an issue with the Parental Controls. Whenever I try to access the Parental Control in the Security tab, I encounter an endless spinning LOADING icon while everything else is greyed out. I have to refresh the IP/Control Page for the router completely in order to get out from the frozen Parental Control module.

I have tried turning the router on and off, rebooting the router through the Maintenance module found in the IP address admin section, but all to avail. 

I tried to search for previously resolved cases as well, but there appear to be none. Has anyone else encountered this before? If so, how do I fix it? Is resetting the router back to its factory defaults the only way to go about it? 

Thanks in advance!


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