I have a zyxel MWR102 problem.

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So, here's the deal. I have a zyxel minirouter thingie which is connected to my wifi network and connected to my PC at the same time. In the last 1 month i get problems where my internet is gone on my PC, when i click on the network button on windows either it's Identifying unknown network, Or it's Network- no internet. This problem occured more than 5 times and on all the 5 cases it randomly starts working. 1st time i reset the router for the 17th time to get it working.

when i go to the router settings( , in the statistics tab, the packets on both the ethernet and the wireless tab are rising, so i guess the router itself is working?

What i've tried so far:

  1. reset the router(more than once)

  2. factory reset the router

  3. network reset in Windows

  4. flush DNS and all that other shit in cmd

  5. turning the router on and off

The solution of this problem is not yet known, i've only got working after numerous time of restarting which is what im sick of. Anyone got any solution?
And is this a sign of a virus etc.? Ethernet cable problem?


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