SBG3500-NB00 how to configure VDSL?

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I have a SBG3500-NB00 and want to configure the VDSL access.
I guess, I have to use PPPoE.

I am a Deutsche Telekom Customer. Where to put "Zugangsnummer", "Anschlusskennung" and "Mitbenutzernummer". Password is obvious.

Is there anywhere a description how to set it up?



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    I'm not a German people, just searched by google and found some clues below:
    The username should be in the format: Anschlusskennung (12 digit number) T-Online Nummer(12 digit number) Mitbenutzernummer (4 digit number) e.g

    This information should be filled in the SBG3500 page below:

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