[VMG8825-B50B] Wireless printer stops functioning all of a sudden

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I have had a wireless Brother printer (DCP-L2530DW) connected to my VMG8825-B50B router without any problems for over 6 months. All of a sudden my computers can't print to it through the router.

The printer and the router are connected (the printer has an IP address and I can ping it from the admin interface), and the computer is connected to the same wifi network (no guest network or similar). 

I have used the Brother connection tool, and I have also tried to add it directly through the computer (tried both Mac and PC) printer settings tools - but it says the computer can't find or can't control the printer. 

The router has the latest firmware and I can't find anything within the settings that would disallow any device access to another device.


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  • Mijzelf
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    Did you put any new devices in your network?
  • oahnve
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    No, nothing new. What would be an example of a device that could interfere? 

    I do have a wifi extender, and I tried removing that as well, to make sure it didn't interfere. Didn't help. 
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    hey, first of all thanks for posting because i am experiencing similar issue. can anyone provide solution??
    thanks in advance.
    best regards!!!
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  • Hikari
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    Hi oahnve and SAMJOSEPH

    If you said there has a IP with the printer can you ping to the IP from you computer?

    Since it has been working for 6 months before. If you try from the very beging, clean all the seeting on printer. And re-configration the pritner again, will it help?

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