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We have the above router installed for a fibre connection. When I restart / reboot or unplug the cable to the CPE fibre unit the lights on the fibre wall unit go bright. When the router is connected for a few seconds and sometimes a minute or two the lights on the fibre CPE unit goes very dimm. Or when the router is rebooted and for example you start up MS Edge the lights will also go dimm. Problem is the lights do not return bright if you shut down everything connected to it.The fibre CPE unit has been replaced.

One get the impression that the ‘router’ cannot or does not want to ‘release’ the connection at all.

Please be so kind to let me know if there was a similar scenario and how it can be resolved.



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    I test the SBG3300 with another CPE (for the SBG to have Ethernet WAN connection) and another DSLAM (for the SBG to have VDSL connection) - when I reboot or unplug the SBG3300 from the CPE, both the lights on the corresponding CPE port and the SBG port are off immediately. When I reboot or unplug the SBG3300 from the DSLAM, the light on the SBG3300 port becomes off immediately, the light on the DSLAM port turns off 2-3 seconds later, which should still be normal. 

    If you'd like to know whether the SBG still keep the connection, you may start to ping, for example, Google's DNS server, from either the SBG or a PC connected to the SBG's LAN. I think if the SBG is physically disconnected from the device which provides Internet access, hardly can it still keep the connection. 

    If you see the light becomes dim, could it because the CPE has a hardware issue on its display?? 

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