VMG8823-B50B, V5.13(ABOV.0) how to setup DuckDNS settings

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I need help to configure the modem VMG8823-B50B, V5.13(ABOV.0)b1_20180824 from Tiscali,
to activate the DNS as "DNS user defined".

Actual settings: (not working)
- "Tipo di connessione:" (connession type), tested both HTTP and HTTPS
- "URL di aggiornamento:" (URL to be updated) here used:
   https://duckdns.org/update/my domain/mytoken
notice that both strings return an OK when sent via my browser ( the IP is updated).
- "Nome dispositivo ospite" (guest device name?), used http://mydomain.duckdns.org
- "Nome Utente" (username) any string, not requested by duckdns.org
- "Password" any string, not requested by duckdns.org
Notice that both username and password are requested by modem application page.
Thanks for your advice


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