VMG3625-T20A wont bridge

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Hello! I am trying to bridge my ZyXel VMG3625-T20A, but it just keeps "Loading..." I already spoke to service provider, and they said I should get in touch with you guys.

So the problem is I cant bridge my port number 4, because it just shows that "Loading..." screen and wont go anywhere from there. I already waited 40minutes two times.

Also I prefer finnish, but english will do also


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  • teksi
    teksi Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    I tried with Con-Current WAN bridge thing.
  • Hikari
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    Hi teksi
    Do you mean you already have a WAN interface using routing mode, then you need another bridge WAN with same VLAN setting, thus you set up as concurrent WAN. And you were stuck in the con-current WAN configure page?
    May I ask which FW version you are testing with?
  • teksi
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    Yeah I'm stuck at con-current WAN configure page. When I select "port 4" and press "okay" it will show "loading..."screen, and wont go anywhere from there.

    Also "Current Firmware Version:V5.30(ABIE.3)b2_E0"
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    Hi teksi ,

    Yes, we aware of this issue from your ISP. Now we are clarifying it. If have any update, we will inform you/ISP. 

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