Power light keeps flashing on VMG3625-T20A

Monique Posts: 1
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What would cause the power light to suddenly start flashing non-stop/

Can't reset the router, can't access


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  • Hikari
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    Hi Monique

    Could you please help to try long push the reset button on the shell? This action used to try if a factory reset can recover this LED none stopping flashing symptom, and please share your result with me. Thank you !!
  • Cil
    Cil Posts: 1
    Hi, I am having the same issue. Have tried holding rest bottom in many times and for over a minute as well as plugging out and leaving off for a while. Router has never been used
  • Hummel
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    If you have tried to reset it to default but still meet the same problem, I think you should contact your local support for asking a help.

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