AMG1302-T11C Firmware Update

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Hello I was looking at Zyxel Download Library for any firmware update for the AMG1302-T11C. The actual reason to look in the first place is that the current firmware doesn't synchronize with a time server and I can't adjust the wifi transmit power. I see the latest firmware is 3.00(ABCG.13)C0 issued on May 29, 2018. My current firmware is V3.00(ABGE.0)b7 and the router is provided by my ISP. So I just want to ask if my device is compatible or not, because I don't know if the letters (ABGE.0) refer just to the version or to a different hardware version.
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    As the firmware you’re asking is a customized version for your service provider, please contact with customer support information and they’ll be happy to help.

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