Color of the WPS button on VMG4825-B10A

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Is the color of the WPS button supposed to be solid red? I was upgraded to a ZyXEL by my DSL provider and having nothing but troubles. Can't print. IP addresses dropped from map , can't connect wirelessly to RaspberryPi. I reaching for anything abnormal that I can checkout.


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    Hi MacDee

    Yes,  the WPS is  solid red, only blinking while WIFI pairing.
    May we know which firmware your VMG4825 upgrade to?
    On the other hand, have you tried reset the VMG4825 to factory default?
    Sometimes, if the firmware upgrade over too many versions, the configuration might need to be reset.
  • MacDee
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    The Firmware Version says just N. I did it yesterday. I don't understand how the connection to some IP addresses on my local network can be lost without me making any changes. I'll try to reset the modem to default.
  • MacDee
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    Sorry that was my printer firmware. The ZyXEL is V5.11(ABFT.1)C0

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