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Do forgive my naivety, but can someone resolve this minor problem?  I am at my branch office in France, unable to access my uk SBG3300 router address via vpn site-to-site . However, if I use my IPhone via wifi to same gateway, I can access the router. How do I enable same from PC? (and what's the difference??).


Jeff J Purcell, New Forest, Uk and France, 44290

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    Hi Jeff, 

    I suppose that you did built the IPsec VPN on both your PC and your phone, and you tried to access the SBG's LAN IP address from your PC but it did not work. 

    Question #1: may I know when you tried to access the SBG from your PC, how many Internet access do you have on that PC? Do you have both fixed line access and WiFi enabled on your PC?

    Question #2: if the answers to question #1 are "yes", could you please check whether you have a fixed IP address or a dynamically obtained address on the network interface to the IPsec VPN?
    You can check it by taking screenshots on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) page (Network Connection > selected network interface (right click) > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4, Properties), and you can provide them to me. I assume that the traffic which should go to the remote side SBG did not go into the IPsec VPN tunnel, which was because of multiple network interfaces and the routing. 

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    thanks for kind reply - tried later and all worked fine, so may never know. Congestion I guess at server end?
    Jeff J Purcell, New Forest, Uk and France, 44290